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Hadar in fighting stance

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Hadar is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200). Their goal is always to create positive associations with movement, focusing on improving daily life and mitigating long term health risks. They are never going to ask their clients to step on a scale, measure their bodies, or push them past their limits. Focus will be on specific goals that are measurable and attainable that are not weight.


Hadar has experience with kickboxing, long distance cycling, low impact cardio, yoga, pilates, and resistance training with weights and bands.

In person training requires proof of vaccination. *Hadar is fully vaccinated against COVID-19.*

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Note: Hadar offers sliding scale rates on a self-reported basis (no income requirements/brackets). If you are able to pay the amount at the top of any given range it helps Hadar continue to be able to offer reduced cost sessions to those who need them, and is greatly appreciated! 

Individual Rates



  • 30 minutes: $36 - 45 

  • 45 minutes: $45- 60 

  • 60 minutes: $60 - 75


  • 30 minutes: $45 - 60 

  • 45 minutes: $60 - 75 

  • 60 minutes: $75 - 90

Group Rates


  • ​$45/person per hour​


  • ​$55 - 70/person per hour

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