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Vegan burrito
  • Initial Consultation: Free

  • 10 recipes (ex: 2 meals, 5 days): $100/week

  • 14 recipes (ex: 2 meals, 7 days): $125/week

  • 21 recipes (ex: 3 meals, 7 days): $200

  • Health Supportive Ingredient List: $20

Other arrangements and quantities of recipes can be made than the standard ones above, please book a consultation to discuss more!

Book your free consultation

Meal plans are tailored to meet the needs and desires of every client. They are provided weekly and include a spreadsheet and a packet of corresponding recipes.

Custom Meal Plans

Contact for more information


Sample Plans

Omnivore client:
This client is open to eating all kinds of food,
but their biggest desire was increased variety. 

Vegetarian client:
This client is vegetarian and has a tree nut allergy.

Vegan client:
This client is vegan and has been having trouble meeting their nutritional needs and feeling full, and they often find themselves snacking on nutrient-poor foods late at night.

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